Technology For The Nations

An exponential organization designed to change the world by bringing together the body of Christ in a movement of unity and prayer utilizing innovative and proprietary technology combined with a purpose driven cause.

Impacting Nations




Spiritual and Economic Advisors

Starting point for most projects under direction of Dr. David Martin and his executive team of advisors to do strategic assessments, evaluations and recommendations from spiritual and economic perspectives.


Public Relations, Publicity, and Promotions

Using primarily XO attributes, information is communicated to the public. Print and public relations programs are also utilized.


Think Tanks

Brainstorming and collaborative information sharing. Design, development and operations to maximize opportunities.



Using exponential technologies and attributes to connect world changers around the world.


Education and Training

Conferences, seminars, online courses and webinars live and through recorded media. Certificates, awards and diplomas are provided.


Biblical, Spiritual, Economic Enrichment

Nations benefit through XO system affiliates such as XOSEA identification of a nation’s resources, existing business positions and training of leaders with the young people the nations are better prepared for advancement.


Prayer App Decrees

Bringing the power of God to the leaders, organizations and people. The XOPRAYER app is in development. A christian version of 911.


Emergency Help

App on smartphones which connects a person in an emergency to XOPRAYER and 1,000 people praying.

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